Factors To Consider When Choosing Options For Your New Pickup Truck

As you start shopping for a brand new pickup truck, such as a Metro Ford, avoid falling madly in love with features you never previously considered and that add a lot more money to the sticker price. Unless you have an unlimited budget, consider your optional features carefully so you're not scrambling to make your car payment every month. By going easy on the bells and whistles, you may be able to afford a more powerful truck or a bigger cab than you could otherwise. Read More 

The Lowdown On Hauling Lumber: 3 Tips For Safely Securing And Hauling Lumber In Your Truck Bed

From moving to a new home to picking up new furniture to hauling equipment around for your business, the benefits of a pickup truck are easy to see. Unfortunately, you may not be familiar with the safest methods to securely load large, heavy items. Considering 25,000 crashes occur each year due to debris in the road, properly securing items is imperative. If you are a home or business owner planning a construction project that requires multiple pieces of lumber in various shapes and sizes, you may struggle loading your truck's bed. Read More